Instant, on demand
digital guidance and
Access support when and as you need it. Guidance and advice free of bias, borders and BS.

Simple, effective "buy the minute" billing for help with your digital growth and operations.

We grow with you! No contracts, no salespeople or sales, no limits - just transparent support and services when you need them.

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Experience across hundreds of
businesses just like yours.
Years of digital experience.
Free of bias and borders

Support and guidance for all things digital.

In uncertain times, we equip brands to move faster, with less risk and to grow with a partner dedicated to transparency and value.

Access per-minute services anytime via chat, phone, email and more -or schedule screen shares, zoom calls and projects around your schedule!

On-Demand or Scheduled

Access help and quick questions how and when you need it, pay only for the time actively spent on your inquiries and keep the info forever!

Instant and Effective Help

Easily sign up online, activate your profile for "adhoc" or monthly plans, and access support, files, communications, invoices and more in your Customer Portal.

Self-Service, Simple Setup

Invite team members and share information, credits/payments and more! Plus, add knowledgebases to build custom content your team can engage with 24 x7 x365.

Built for Teams

Powered by humans, supported by tech.

We leverage automation and AI to react faster, serve you better, and pack a budget-friendly punch that can't be rivalled. Cross-platform and omni-connected, connect with us how and when you want.

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We've been using digital strategies and technologies to help our customers grow and improve efficiency and profitability for over 15 years.

Flexible. Transparent.

From analysis, planning and strategy to evaluating scopes, contracts and spend - we have the skills and experience to support you.

BTM Digital
Sales & Marketing Growth

As more businesses leverage the cloud, AI and SaaS products, our ability to impact SMBs has dramatically deepened.

BTM Tech
SMB technology guidance
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The "No Plan" Plan


Mandatory monthly
or ongoing plans


Minimum spend
or "rounding"


or contracts

No bias, no borders, no BS. Access the support and services you need, on-demand, with our unique auto-scaling per-minute pricing model. Automatically access lower rates as your usage increases in each period, resetting each month.

Optional Plans & Add-Ons
Discover BTM+

All plans and add-ons are 100% optional and designed to enhance your experience with BuytheMinute.

They add value through savings and additional access, for customers who engage with us often.

All plans are delivered "month to month" with no term commitments or setup fees.

All BTM+ customers get additional superpowers with access to exclusive and proprietary tools like Meshwork+,
KBCentral and more.

For more info, or to get started, contact us for assistance!


Get dedicated guidance and advice, and a helping hand in your digital journey. Tap into group sessions, live trainings, and more. Access preferred rates and access Meshwork+.

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BTM+ Teams

Bring the team online with MyMeshwork and share account credits and tier rates, invite key team members to workshops and programs, and more.

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Add-ons are flat-rate time blocks designed to accompany our standard services.

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Services, Capabilities + Expertise

We're building an online listing of products and platforms, skills and experience, services, goals and challenges, and other ways to confirm we can help before engaging, and discover what's available to you with your extended, on-demand team.